Bob NcNair - 1937 - 2018
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"We are all deeply saddened by the loss of our founder and namesake, Robert C. “Bob” McNair. Bob McNair was a profoundly generous man whose countless acts of kindness transformed an untold number of individuals – some he knew, most he never met. His passion for helping others will continue to transform students, young entrepreneurs, medical research and the community. Today, thousands of individuals have received a better education and their lives are forever changed because of Bob McNair. His life of stewardship lives through the people who have been touched by his unwavering belief that we serve God by serving others. Our thoughts and prayers are with Janice and the entire McNair family."

Kristi Cooper
Executive Director

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The Robert and Janice McNair Foundation

Janice and Bob McNair have long believed the greatest impact one can leave on the world is a dedicated focus on one’s mission, vision and values. Through their passionate support of high-achieving students, young entrepreneurs, medical research, and the community, the challenges of today can become solutions for tomorrow.