Harris Pastides, President
University South Carolina

Here at Carolina, his alma mater stands in salute to a man who gave back more than he took away, and to a man that led a full and large life.  He benefited from life’s bounties and shared his resources with others.  But the greatest gift he gave was the example of a life lived with integrity, compassion and love of family and country.

Dr. Dave Peterson
Pastor Emeritus, Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church
Director of Community Outreach, The Robert and Janice McNair Foundation

Bob McNair was a modern-day renaissance man. He devoted his time, energy, influence and resources across an astonishing breadth of interests. And yet at his core, his was a very simple man who was deeply committed to being a faithful steward of all he had been given, to loving his family and to making the world a better place.

Anna M. Babin, President and CEO
United Way of Greater Houston

Bob and Janice’s support of United Way of Greater Houston over the years has been extraordinary. They believed in our mission themselves and encouraged the entire Houston Texans organization to do the same. It is a testament to Bob’s example that the Houston Texans, the youngest franchise in the NFL, gives more to their local United Way than any other team in the NFL.

Bob’s commitment to United Way was evidenced in his support of the 2-1-1/Texas/United Way HELPLINE, the number to call for those in our community who need help and hope, connecting them to critical social services.  In 2014, with call volume quadrupling in nearly a decade, United Way needed a new  2-1-1 HELPLINE facility to meet our community’s growing needs.  The McNair Foundation gift of $1 million was one of a few generous donations that made a new facility possible, ensuring that the 2-1-1 Texas/United Way HELPLINE was positioned to serve our community into the future.

In times of disaster, Bob again set the example of community spirit and generosity. After Hurricane Harvey, the McNair family, Houston Texans, the NFL Foundation, and Houston Texans fans contributed more than $3 million dollars to United Way’s recovery efforts, helping so many of our neighbors rebuild their homes and their lives.

Bob McNair loved this community and his passing leaves a hole in its heart, as it does in our ours.

Dr. Robert Sloan, President
Houston Baptist University

We at HBU join Houstonians and people all over the nation in mourning the loss of Robert McNair. His faith, lived out with compassion and integrity, has been a great example to us all.  He leaves us all a legacy to be honored and followed. Our prayers are with Janice and their entire family.


Paul Klotman, M.D., President, CEO and Executive Dean
Baylor College of Medicine

Bob McNair’s generosity and visionary leadership has had a profound effect on this community as well as communities in his home state of South Carolina. His support of science and education, including the McNair Scholars program, has had a tremendous impact on Baylor College of Medicine and other institutions in the Texas Medical Center. I greatly valued his advice and his friendship. He was a great friend, as is Janice. Our thoughts are with her, his family and friends.


The Houston Symphony

The Houston Symphony is mourning the passing of Bob McNair. The amazing philanthropy of the Robert & Janice McNair Foundation impacts thousands of participants in our Education & Community Engagement programs. We send our condolences to his loved ones & the Houston Texans family.

Renu Khator, President
University of Houston

University of Houston mourns the loss of a true hero in Bob McNair. I still remember meeting him for the first time almost 11 years ago…what an inspiration he was then and what an inspiration he continues to be for so many.

Dr. Ed Young
Second Baptist Church

Tonight the stars over Houston seem dimmed just a bit. Though the loss of Bob McNair cannot be measured from a worldly perspective, in my opinion he “graduated” head of his class – without peer. Bob and Janice McNair have always held one overriding passion: to use God’s blessings for His Kingdom by making a difference in the lives of others. The McNairs responded to that high calling both privately and publicly – never stopping, never blinking, and never looking back. Together, they have invested their hearts and resources in matters that leave a legacy of eternal increase. A chance phone call by the governor of South Carolina served as my introduction to Bob over forty years ago. I moved from South Carolina to Houston in 1978, and the governor, who was a friend of mine, was also named Bob McNair. So, he took it upon himself to make a call to his friend, Bob McNair of Houston, and simply requested Bob to “look after my pastor.” That call served as the beginning of a long relationship as I became part of the many, many people who know, love, and respect Bob and Janice McNair. As Texans, we all feel the loss of our friend, Robert C. McNair, but, in this season of thanksgiving, we give glory with grateful hearts to his Lord and Savior for a selfless and generous life well-lived.

Ray Turner, Athletic Director
University of South Carolina

Today we lost our friend and a great Alumnus in Mr. Bob McNair. Our Gamecock Family sends condolences to Mrs. McNair and their entire family.

Dr. Timothy Nash, SVP, Director
The McNair Center for Advancement of Free Enterprise

Bob McNair was the kind of man you hoped your daughter would marry, your son would become and all whom you cared about would work for. He was a man of great depth, wisdom, vision and accomplishments…he was the quintessential example of the American Dream!

Bob was a man who loved his wife and family with all his heart and they he. With his wonderful wife Janice by his side, he lived an exceptional life, was a great entrepreneur and a superb philanthropist. The world is a far better place for the jobs they created and charitable works they championed! As we grieve we most take comfort in the fact that Mr. McNair’s life and deeds will live on through Janice as well as through their four children Cary, Cal, Ruth, Melissa and their families. The Cowboys may claim to be America’s Team…but logic tells us as of November 23 The Texans became God’s Team.

Pam and I will continue to keep the McNair Family in our prayers and Bob’s life in our mind as a guidepost for success and happiness

Iman Farrior, McNair Scholar
Rice University, MBA 2017

This is truly a sad day for Houston. Mr. McNair had a charitable heart of gold. Moreover, he was an indomitable businessman. He will leave an indelible print on the Houston community and especially Rice University where I was privileged to personally benefit from his generosity as a McNair Scholar. I send my condolences to all who loved and admired him.”


Dr. Carol Moore, President
Columbia College

Our hearts go out to Janice McNair at this time of sorrow.  Bob McNair was a self-made luminary and shared his good fortune with many to improve their lives.  The McNair’s extraordinary generosity reached back a hand to so many Columbia College students and many others to give them a start.  May those lives they touched reach their heights and be as generous in giving back in Bob McNair’s memory.


Charles Bacarisse, Vice President for Major Gifts
Houston Baptist University

I first met Bob McNair twenty years ago when he was pursuing an NFL franchise for Houston.  I was a county elected official, with no direct responsibility for the decisions that would need to be made in the process, but Mr. McNair was thoughtful and generous enough with his time to reach out to all of us in building support for his bid.  I appreciated his outreach, and it began a long period of professional friendship.

When I came to work at HBU over 10 years ago, I found the McNairs’ had a long history of support and involvement with the university.  What a blessing he was in various ways.  From our Morris Cultural Arts Center, to the landmark Hinton Center to the launch of football on our campus, Mr. McNair’s impact is felt in meaningful.  Bob McNair lived his life well, as an example for us all.

Angela Rogers, McNair Scholar
University of South Carolina Honors College

My dearest condolences to the McNair family at the loss of Mr. McNair.  As a McNair scholar at the University of South Carolina, I have first-hand experience with his passion for USC and education.  I will never forget the first opportunity I had to meet Mr. and Mrs. McNair (picture attached).  It was at a tailgate hosted by Dr. and Mrs. Pastides the fall of my freshman year in 2015.  While I got to shake their hands only briefly, I felt like I had just met rock stars.  While I may have said ‘thank you’, I could never put into words the value of the gift they gave to me in the form of my scholarship.  I have done my best the past few years to make them proud of their investment, and as a senior reflecting on my college experience, I hope that I have achieved that goal.  While Mr. McNair may no longer be with us, he will never be forgotten by the many young people he enabled to attend school.  His memory will live on in the lives of business leaders, researchers, teachers, and leaders across the world.  I am grateful and humbled to be a small part of his legacy. My best wishes to the McNair family, and to all of the people mourning Mr. McNair’s loss.


Keith A. Pretty, J.D., President and CEO
Northwood University

Northwood University has been blessed to have a long association with Bob McNair based on a shared philosophy of free enterprise, capitalism and helping people to achieve their best in all circumstances. Bob has been a role model for our students as he lived his life focused on family, faith, freedom and philanthropy. Bob loved his family and our first thoughts are for Janice and his family, who have been so generous in sharing this great man with so many different communities throughout his lifetime.

Bob’s deep and abundant faith in God and his fellow man have certainly been one of the pillars that he built his life on. His optimism and focus on making a difference in the lives of so many was rooted in his faith and, for that we should all be thankful.

Bob’s success in business is an excellent example of how freedom, hard work, creativity and personal responsibility can result in creating opportunities for the entrepreneur and many, many more.

Finally, with all the success that Bob has achieved, he and Janice have chosen to give back and make a difference in so many ways through their philanthropy. Every sector of human development from healthcare, to families, to community development and re-development, and education have benefitted from the support of the Robert and Janice McNair Foundation. The McNair Center on our campus is one of many  examples of how their philanthropy and legacy will live on for generations to come. On behalf of all the students, faculty, staff and alumni of Northwood University we mourn Bob’s passing and thank Bob and Janice for investing in our mission of shared values.

Peter Rodriguez, Dean
Jones Graduate School of Business
Rice University

I join thousands of Rice Owls who studied in McNair Hall and millions of Houstonians who cheer on our Texans in expressing deep sadness at the passing of Bob McNair, a legendary figure in business, sports and philanthropy.

Adrian Trömel, McNair Scholar
Rice University, MBA 2018

Bob McNair touched and changed countless lives. He will forever live on in the memories, gratitude and lives of the city, institutions and individuals to whom he gave his time, energy and support. As McNair Scholar at Rice University, I am fortunate enough to have benefited personally from his generosity. I know that I am, and will be, forever grateful to him as I build a career on the foundations laid thanks to his support. I extend my sincerest condolences to his family, friends and all those who loved him.

Sallye WolfExecutive Director
Dr. Marnie Rose Foundation

On behalf of the Dr. Marnie Rose Foundation, I want to express our deepest condolences on the passing of Mr. McNair. Along with the entire community, including philanthropic and sports, we are saddened to hear the news. Please send our thoughts and prayers to the McNair family.

Gary Liu, McNair Student Scholar
Baylor College of Medicine

It was so sad to hear about the loss of Mr. Bob McNair. Although I have not personally met him, his kind deeds and generosity are known throughout our MD/PhD program. I’ve also learned about his generosity after working with the McNair Education Initiative. It’s been such a heart warming experience to see a family give back to an entire community. I know that my words may be of little comfort during a time such as this. All I can offer is my support and wish everyone in the McNair family to have a life filled with love and wonder.

Joe Paulo, President and CEO

Treasures stored up where moth and rust do not destroy and thieves cannot break in and steal.  This describes Mr. McNair and his journey to steward the gifts and resources God entrusted to him.  At KSBJ, we join all others who are profoundly grateful for his tremendous and lasting impact on our community.  Hope is brighter and stronger and will continue to spread to more people because of his life.  Still, we pray for Mrs. McNair and the entire family during their time of loss.

Steve Moniaci, Director of Athletics
Houston Baptist University

Without Mr. and Mrs. McNair’s generosity it is questionable whether we would  have an on-campus football stadium, which has been enjoyed by countless students, student-athletes, fans, friends, and alumni of HBU over the last 5 years. He was a great man, and more importantly a Godly man who will be greatly missed by all of us at HBU and by the city, state, and nation.

Dr. Cynthia McClard, McNair MD/PhD Student Scholar
Baylor College of Medicine

The philanthropy of the McNair family has created and sustained generations of scientists, scholars, and humanitarians at Baylor College of Medicine and beyond. As a McNair student scholar at Baylor, I have been inspired by the generosity of Mr. and Mrs. McNair to continue to pursue scientific knowledge for the benefit of others and always to ask how my contributions could help nurture the inquisitive minds of tomorrow. Being a part of the extensive McNair scholar family has been a true honor and has encouraged me not only to envision but to help create a society that gives back. It is with the McNair scholar community and Baylor College of Medicine that I mourn the passing of Mr. McNair and send my best wishes to all those who love and celebrate him.

Melissa Bondy, McNair Scholar
Baylor College of Medicine


Bob was an inspiration to everyone who knew him through his generosity and sincere support of people’s careers. From the high school students he supported in his hometown of Forest City, North Carolina to the McNair Scholars at Baylor College of Medicine – his legacy will be remembered.  His loss will be felt for years to come but his legacy will be continued for generations. My sympathy to Janice, his children, and grandchildren, I will be forever grateful for your generous support.


Susan Crook, McNair Scholar
University of South Carolina

Without the McNair Scholarship, I would never have even considered the University of South Carolina.  Attending USC has been the best decision of my life, and thanks to the generosity of the McNairs, I have completed my BA and BS debt free.  As I have gone on to earn my MS and PhD in applied mathematics, I have often thought of how the actions of two people set my life course into motion.  I could not be more thankful for the McNairs and I am saddened to hear of Mr. McNair’s death.  Though we only met once, he made an impression on me.  He attended the dinner wearing a rubber ducky tie and I learned that it’s always worth talking to the man in the most interesting tie at any event.

Thom J. Sloan, Administrative Director, Donor Development
Shriners Hospital for Children – Houston

Mr. McNair and his family have blessed Houston with their generosity for many years. In 2018, we were fortunate enough to have the support of the Robert and Janice McNair Foundation for the Subacute Care and Inpatient Rehabilitation Program at Shriners Hospitals for Children-Houston. The program provides long term care and rehabilitation for young children with multiple conditions and chronic illness requiring inpatient rehabilitation such as wound care, traumatic brain injury, and recovering from extended illness and long-term hospitalizations, regardless of the family’s ability to pay. There is no doubt that this is one more example of Mr. McNair’s dedication to making Houston and Texas a better place to live and thrive for everyone.

Erin Bolte, McNair Student Scholar
Baylor College of Medicine

Mr. Bob McNair was a generous and influential gentleman. Over the years that I have been at Baylor College of Medicine, I have heard many stories of his kindness in helping students through his Foundation. It speaks to Mr. McNair’s profound enthusiasm for science and ingenuity that he would seek out and support individual students in their training, granting them outstanding career opportunities. I am sad to have never met Mr. McNair in person, but his respected memory will live on among the MD/PhD program at Baylor. Our hearts go out to the McNair family.

Kelly Finn, Director of Development
Houston Grand Opera

Bob McNair believed in Houston.  He believed that great cities need great institutions of business, sports, education, healthcare, and importantly, art.   As a former chair of Houston Grand Opera’s Board of Directors, Bob’s vision, work ethic, and dedication to making Houston a better place has left an indelible legacy on HGO.  His giving spirit will live on for generations to come through a set of beautiful family holiday operas, which he, Janice, and the McNair Foundation helped us create.   Whenever we think of this remarkable man, we will have a song in our heart.

Morrie Scherrens, President
Newberry College, S.C.


Today we all mourn the loss of a man with great vision and even greater generosity.   We send our love, prayers and condolences to the McNair family.  Bob and Janice’s support of Newberry College over the years has been a game-changer for our small college.   The two of them believed in what we are doing in terms of providing an opportunity for students without all the advantages of social standing and family wealth to pursue a college degree.  These students needed someone to believe in them, and they needed a chance.  The McNair family has over the years answered so many prayers.  As a couple you have shown many of our young people who were faced with nothing but obstacles,  a pathway to a better tomorrow.   Today we not only mourn the loss of Robert McNair  but we also pause to express to his family our deepest gratitude for sharing with us a man who gave others the gift of hope.

A.D. Players at The George Theater

On behalf of A.D. Players at The George Theater, our Board of Directors and staff, we would like to extend our heartfelt prayers and sympathy to the entire McNair Family. A.D. Players is honored be among the many recipients of the generous kindness of this great man. Our beautiful theater simply would not have been possible without him. Robert C. McNair will be always be in the hearts of the A.D. Players family.


Isaac Brownell, MD/PhD McNair Scholar
National Institutes of Health


One of the very special things about the McNair Scholars program at Baylor College of Medicine was that Bob and Janice took the time to meet the Scholars. They sincerely wanted us to excel in our training as physician-scientists so that we could grow professionally and then give back to the community. I took this imperative to heart when I was a scholar (graduated 2004), and it continues to drive me today as I conduct research at the National Institutes of Health, provide patient care, and train future physicians and scientists.

Patrick Spicer, MD/PhD, Innovation Fellow
Seton Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

I am one of the many whom Bob McNair has impacted so greatly.  I had the privilege of training in the Baylor College of Medicine Medical Scientist Training Program as a McNair Scholar.  This opportunity allowed me to pursue my goals of research and medicine which I still continue today.  I still remember at one of the lunches for the McNair scholars, he told a story about how they had sold most of their horses because they felt as though they could be better stewards of their money.  I remember this as he had said it while sitting in a room filled with students of the MD/PhD program whom he was supporting, and he still felt like he could and should do more.  That sentiment reflects the character of who he was, a generous man of integrity.

Julia Wang, MD/PhD McNair Student Scholar
Baylor College of Medicine

I have so much respect for Mr. McNair and it is truly a sad time for everyone whose lives were made better by him. The McNair Foundation made my past six years of learning and growth possible and allowed me to pursue science and medicine at Baylor College of Medicine. I will be forever grateful for his generosity and amazing vision for furthering science, medicine, and education. My sincerest condolences to the whole family.

Kellie Martin (Sharpe), 2005 McNair Scholar
University of South Carolina

I wanted to send my sincere condolences to the McNair family.  The McNairs have had a huge impact on my life by giving me the opportunity to pursue my dreams through a world class education.  I will always hold them and Carolina in my heart.

Sherrie Bagwell
Baylor College of Medicine

Bob McNair was an absolute delight to see and greet every time he came to visit or do business at Baylor College of Medicine.
Bob always took the time to speak to me and with a big smile and made me feel appreciated as the parking attendant for main Baylor, where
he would park on each of his visits.Bob was so very devoted to so many here at Baylor College of Medicine, Houston and his family and friends.
When I think of Bob McNair, I think of a very accomplished individual, that I am so blessed to have had the pleasure of knowing.
My deepest condolences to his family.


Michiya Nishino, BCM McNair MD/PhD Scholar, Class of 2008
Assistant Professor of Pathology, Harvard Medical School

Mr. McNair played a central role in helping so many of us in the Baylor MD/PhD program launch our careers in academic medicine, and I am grateful for the generous financial support they provided for my education. I will always fondly remember the personal interest that both Mr. & Mrs. McNair took in our development as physician-scientists. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, inspiration, and encouragement with us, Mr. McNair – we will miss you, and our thoughts are with Mrs. McNair and the entire McNair family.

Tiffany Denny, Executive Director
Embody Love Movement Foundation

I graduated from the University of South Carolina in 2008 after four years as a McNair Scholar. Every time I think back on or speak to others about my time at the university, I reflect on my immense gratitude for the support I received from the McNair Foundation. I loved USC, and the lasting impact of both the education and the overall experience has stayed with me and enhanced my life and my career in so many ways.

My thoughts are with Mr. McNair’s family and close friends during this time of mourning the loss but also in celebrating the full life of a person who made a difference for a great many people in this world. May his legacy live on through all the lives he touched, and may his generosity inspire others to be generous.

David Leebron, President
Rice University

Few people have had the impact on Houston that Bob McNair has, and in so many realms–industry, education, culture, philanthropy, religion and sports among them. He set an example by this decency and generosity, challenging us to win with integrity in every endeavor. He had an enormous impact on Rice University as trustee, wise counselor, and generous benefactor. We will miss him immensely, but his many good works will cause his memory and impact to endure.

Rebecca Craanen, Sophomore student of English and Music
Columbia College, SC

Thanks to the generosity of the McNair family, I have been able to pursue degrees in Music and English at a university that has a wonderful community of support. The support of the McNair family has been invaluable.

It is with great sorrow that I send my condolences to the friends and family of Robert McNair. Though I do not know you personally, my respect and appreciation is with you in this time of grieving.

Colleen Brady, McNair MD/PhD Scholar
Baylor College of Medicine

Mr. McNair was a kind and generous man who gave so much to all the various communities he was a part of. The support that him and Janice have provided to the advancement of the medical sciences is truly phenomenal. Through the formation of the McNair Student Scholars program with the Baylor College of Medicine MD/PhD program, I have been provided with generous support that has allowed me to really grow throughout my training in ways that would not have been possible without it. He will be truly missed.

Chenghang (Chuck) Zong, Assistant Professor, McNair Scholar
Department of Molecular and Human Genetics
Baylor College of Medicine

As a McNair scholar from Baylor College of Medicine, I would like to pay my tribute of respect to Mr. McNair because he was a great man to my research team, to our school, to our community, to our football team and to the city of Houston. His legacy will live on forever.

Avery Isgett, McNair Scholar
Columbia College

I am sure that I speak for the rest of my fellow Columbia College McNair Scholars when I say that Bob McNair’s presence in this world was a true blessing from the Lord. May the education that his generosity has enabled me to pursue grant me opportunities to reflect his giving spirit and heart of gold. I will never forget the astounding impact Mr. McNair has had on so many students like me, and his family will continue to be in my prayers.

Chad M. Baum, McNair Scholar
University of South Carolina

My name is Chad M. Baum; I am and was a McNair Scholar, and I am now currently working as a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute of Food and Resource Economics at the University of Bonn.

I am deeply saddened to hear of the passing to Mr. Bob McNair. Like so many others, his generosity and general kindness has played a deeply important role on my life, giving me the chance to not only study and develop in the welcoming atmosphere of the University of South Carolina but to also explore through the world via studies-abroad in Spain and Japan. I would therefore struggle to imagine my life evolving as it has without the presence of Mr. McNair in my life – a fact for which I am and will always be ever grateful. More than this, the openness and kindness with which he always greeted me leave with so many warm memories, as I am sure is the case for so many.

Xiang “Shawn” Zhang, PhD, Associate Professor
McNair Medical Institute
Baylor College of Medicine

My research career was transformed by the McNair Foundation. Without the support from the McNair family, I would not be able to pursue cutting-edge research as I have been doing today. I am deeply grateful. On a different level, my life was also influenced by Mr. McNair because I have become a big fan of football and Texans. The interaction with him has always been so warm and inspiring. He will always live in my memory!

Carlos J. López, President and Executive Director
Mexican Institute of Greater Houston (MIGH)

Our country is rightfully and respectfully mourning the loss of a singular son.  Mr. Robert McNair wrote special pages in the lives of many, directly and indirectly, always generating a positive impact.  Silently but firmly he left a legacy of distinction, modesty and remarkable integrity that serves as a role model to many in different areas of society.  At the Mexican Institute of Greater Houston (MIGH) we elevate our prayers for his soul and for his family.  Thank you Mr. McNair.

Ashley Woods, President and CEO
Sigma Chi Foundation

We are saddened to learn of brother McNair’s passing.  He was not only one of the foremost business leaders in our country, he was a dedicated Sigma Chi and, along with his sweetheart, one of our most supportive brothers.  Bob challenged Sigma Chi to become a vital trainer of values-based leaders almost twenty years ago.  He enabled the creation and growth of the Horizons leadership program, which has now trained thousands of young men and inspired them to take action for the greater good.  In so many ways, Brother Bob made a huge impact in our world.  All honor to his name.

Kevin R. Hattery, President and CEO
Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Houston

Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Houston is deeply saddened by the passing of our dear friend and an incredible supporter of the Clubs. Bob McNair was a true Champion for Youth, and was fiercely dedicated to the success and education of teens in our community. Thousands of children in our community have grown into socially responsible citizens, community leaders and dedicated scholars because of his commitment to their success. Bob’s legacy will live on through the lives being changed daily at our 23 Boys & Girls Clubs, especially at the Houston Texans Teen Club.

Beena George, PhD, Dean
Cameron School of Business

The Cameron School of Business joins the community in expressing heartfelt condolences to the McNair family on their loss. Mr. McNair’s investments in our city will continue to transform the lives of many. His visionary leadership will remain an inspiration to all of us. His passion and generosity will forever be cherished. Our prayers and thoughts are with the McNair family.

Jarey Wang, MD/PhD McNair Student Scholar
Baylor College of Medicine

Bob McNair was a singular influence on my education and on the Baylor College of Medicine MD/PhD Program. Not only was he a generous benefactor, he was generous with his time. He attended our symposia, and took genuine interest in our work. He has left an indelible legacy on my own research and the broader research community at the Texas Medical Center. My deepest condolences to the McNair family.

Liz Gergel, McNair Scholar
University of South Carolina

Mr. and Mrs. McNair have been so incredibly generous and helped thousands of students to achieve their goals and reach beyond what they thought was possible. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to meet Mr. McNair during my time at USC. He leaves a legacy of tremendous leadership, unfettered generosity, and admirable humbleness. My condolences go out to the McNair family.

Regina G. Herman
Sapphire Butterflies Organization

Bob McNair and his wife Janice was an inspiration to my organization, Sapphire Butterflies Organization which is a 501 (3) © organization in Fort Bend County. Our inner city youth as well as the Sapphire Butterflies give tribute to a man that was positive and LOVED his community as well as the under-privilege youth in the surrounding communities. Mr. McNair will GREATLY be missed and Heaven has gained another Angel!!

Tracy Weeden, Ed.D., President and CEO
Neuhaus Education Center

We will remember how Mr. McNair demonstrated his belief in the power of education and reading by giving generously for decades to Neuhaus Education Center. He has faithfully supported our innovative programs in literacy instruction. In 2001, he and his wife, Janice, graciously opened their home to host a Neuhaus education forum. His legacy lives on in the students, teachers and adults who benefitted from his philanthropy. We are grateful for having known him and are saddened by his death. We extend our deepest sympathies to his family.

Dr. Richard Ludwick, President
University of St. Thomas

Bob McNair changed countless lives here in Houston and around the world. Through his generosity toward students and the example he set in life, he leaves a legacy that will endure for generations to come.

Cullen Taniguchi, MD/PhD McNair Scholar, Assistant Professor – Radiation Oncology
MD Anderson Cancer Center

Bob McNair’s visionary support of medical research in Houston was highly innovative and paved the way to incredible breakthroughs and the recruitment of doctors and scientists who may not have otherwise considered the Houston Medical Area as a destination for their careers.  I am indebted to have been recruited to Houston through a generous philanthropic gift to the MD Anderson Physician Scientist Program.  I am honored to be a McNair Scholar and through his generosity, we are making breakthroughs in the treatment of pancreatic cancer.  I am so proud to be associated with the McNair family.  I will strive to be both a leader and servant as Mr. McNair was to his family and greater community.

T. Dorina Papageorgiou, Assistant Professor
Baylor College of Medicine

I extend my deepest sympathies to Mrs. Janice McNair, Mr. and Mrs. Cary McNair, Ms. Ruth McNair Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Cal McNair, Ms. Melissa McNair, Mr. and Mrs. Holly Smith Alvis and Austin Alvis, and the entire McNair family, as well as the many people at the McNair Foundation and the McNair Medical Institute that transform the McNair family’s generosity into science reality, in particular the Scientific and Medical Director, Dr. and Mrs. Charles Neblett. The loss of Mr. Bob McNair is tremendous as his generosity, authenticity, and compassion touched many lives here at Baylor College of Medicine, in Houston. and his home state of South Carolina.

Mr. McNair’s innovative, noble and grandiose foresight for investing in minds and science will have an everlasting legacy!! I have had the honor to meet Mr. and Mrs. McNair on several occasions and discuss the innovative research pursued and developed in my lab. Since 2012, the McNair Foundation and MMI have generously funded my lab. It is fulfilling and comforting that Mr. McNair was able to witness some exciting results of his investment. Mr. McNair was always authentic, straighforward, accessible, welcoming, kind, and substantive! While the work of the Foundation and MMI will continue, I will dearly miss his thoughtful questions and guidance that came with his generosity.

I will be forever grateful by Mr. and Mrs. McNair’s tremendous support for my research and I will honor their support, and generosity by continuing to work on the innovative clinical neuroscience and neuroengineering research pursued in my lab. Mr. McNair will be greatly missed. May his memory be eternal.

Memorial Park Conservancy

Our deepest sympathy on the passing of Mr. McNair. Our thoughts are with the family and friends during this sad time. He was a great man, for football and for Houston.


DePelchin Children’s Center joins the nation in mourning the loss of our friend, Texans owner Bob McNair. A longtime supporter of our 126-year-old agency, McNair, through personal gifts as well as contributions from the Robert and Janice McNair Foundation, Palmetto Partners. Ltd, RCM Entertainment, L.P., the Houston Texans Foundation, and the Texas Bowl, has donated nearly $1.4 million in funding and promotional support to DePelchin.  We will always remember his generosity and his commitment to helping us build brighter futures for foster and adoptive children and their families. Our sympathies go out to the McNair family and the Houston Texans organization.

Dr. Dirk Brown, Faculty Director
McNair Institute for Entrepreneurism and Free Enterprise
University of South Carolina

Bob McNair was a great man who led an extraordinary life. He had an amazing, everlasting impact on the many people whose lives he touched directly, and was an inspiration to many more through the life he lived. He exemplified the best in all of us through his commitment, integrity, patriotism, generosity, faith, and love. He will be greatly missed and warmly remembered.

W. Winston Elliott III, President
The Free Enterprise Institute

Bob McNair’s entrepreneurial success demonstrates that the Free Enterprise system rewards clear thinking, hard work, honesty and dedication. Beyond that, Janice and Bob’s decades of philanthropic generosity have been an inspiration to those who wish to use their treasure to boldly serve their fellow man and their community. Perhaps Bob’s greatest gift to us was being the model of a Christian gentleman. Proverbs (3:13-14) teaches us that “Happy is the man who finds wisdom, and the man who gets understanding, for the gain from it is better than gain from silver and its profit better than gold.” Bob’s wisdom and generosity have been a great lesson for all who seek the discernment to serve God well — particularly in a world that often loses sight of the Lord of Creation in the pursuit of “the gain from silver and gold.” The Free Enterprise Institute community mourns the passing of our Chairman Emeritus, Robert C. McNair, and we pray that he rests in our Lord’s peace. We admired him greatly and are grateful for his dedication to preserving a free and virtuous society.  We offer our prayers for Janice, and the rest of the family, that in this difficult time they may experience “the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding.”

Paul Hobby, Founding partner
Genesis Park

Bob McNair was a friend and inspiration to me and so many others. Like Ben Love and Jack Blanton and Walter Mischer before him, Mr McNair took time to encourage younger people, to spread positive energy and exhibit decency in a way that radiated across the generation just beneath him – and throughout the city he loved. That example is one we all follow in our daily lives with reverence for his kind, generous spirit.

Mary Vitek, CEO
Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council

We are deeply saddened by the passing of Bob McNair. On behalf of the Girl Scouting community in San Jacinto Council, we express our most sincere condolences to the McNair family. The Bob and Janice McNair Foundation has been a longtime supporter of Girl Scouting in our community. His spirit of generosity will live on through the girls we serve.

Siobhán Kibbey, McNair Scholar
University of South Carolina

My deepest condolences to the McNair Family. Although it is always difficult to lose a loved one, I hope that you all are comforted by the tremendous legacy Mr. McNair has built under the principles of commitment to leadership and service. Personally, as a McNair Scholar beneficiary, my scholarship provided me with the financial security to spend my free time at the University of South Carolina volunteering and my school time discovering my passion for medicine. Mr. McNair insisted, however, upon building a mission driven community beyond our financial support and, as members of this community, we were continuously impressed upon to capitalize on our opportunities and discern the path that would give back the most. I am currently applying to my medical residency and it is this latter mission that I reflect upon taking my next step to care for underserved health populations. I hope sharing this can reinforce to you that he will not easily be forgotten; and especially not by the USC McNair Scholars. Again, my sincere condolences and regards to you and your family.

Hank Rush, President and CEO
Star of Hope Mission

Bob McNair’s deep faith, giving spirit and the great work of the Robert & Janice McNair Foundation have had a deep impact on those who have experienced homelessness in our city for many years.  Star of Hope is so grateful for the support, love and dedication to our mission, and our prayers are with Janice and the family in their time of loss.

Gillian Fishman, McNair Scholar
University of South Carolina

Words cannot express my gratitude and admiration for Mr. McNair and his passion, kindness and generosity. As a McNair Scholar, he truly changed my life—and I am only one of many. I send my deepest condolences to the family and friends of Mr. McNair. The hearts of the McNair Scholar and University of South Carolina communities are with you.

Sheima Salam Sumer, McNair Scholar
University of South Carolina

I was honored to sit next to Mr. McNair at one of the McNair dinners and I remember his warmth, humility and advice. He said that he wanted his scholars to serve society. I pray that God will bless him for the gift of knowledge that he gave to me and countless others.

Nicholas Lenze, McNair Scholar
University of South Carolina

Mr. McNair gave me and many of my peers at the University of South Carolina the priceless gift of an education, filled with countless opportunities for scholarly research, travel, and service. These were the most formative years of my life. In a world where higher education is still an immense privilege rather than a guarantee, I cannot understate the power of Mr. McNair’s gift. His generosity and vision will always be a remembered, and he will continue to impact lives through the students, athletes, and communities he touched.

Amy Celis, McNair Scholar
University of South Carolina

Through his generosity, Bob McNair touched countless lives, my own included. I was blessed to benefit from a McNair scholarship to attend the University of South Carolina Honors College from 2002-2006. This amazing gift enabled me to start my professional career debt-free. His joyful generosity was truly unmatched and amazing, and will continue to bless many students for years to come.

C. Kent Osborne, MD
Baylor College of Medicine

It is hard to think of anyone who has done more for Houston than Bob and Janice McNair.  His generosity spanned the arts, sports, medicine, research, and education in our community and he will be missed by all.

Melissa R Smith, MD, FAAP
Bon Secours St. Mary’s Hospital

I am one of many who benefitted from Bob McNair’s generosity in scholarship. I continue to benefit from the rippled effects of his gift which supported my undergraduate education, going on to become a physician in pediatric hospitalist medicine. I am in perpetual appreciation and awe that someone so believed in me and my potential to award such selfless benefaction. My sympathies to the McNair family in the loss of a great and generous man.

Corbin Robertson, Jr., Board Member
Baylor College of Medicine

Please extend my deep sympathies to Janice and all their family. Bob was a man for the ages. His leadership and vision have helped shaped Baylor College of Medicine and our entire city. His strategic thinking and actions were drivers of many organizations. His personal charisma drew people to him and his undertakings. Please know of my respect and admiration for his life of accomplishment, commitment, integrity, and service. May God bless his family now and forever.

Emily Mitchell, McNair Scholar
University of South Carolina

I graduated from the University of South Carolina because of the McNair scholarship. I met my husband while attending USC, and we now have a beautiful 9-month-old son together. I will forever be grateful to the McNairs for their generosity, and I will forever be a gamecock because of them.

Brendan Lee, M.D., Ph.D., Robert and Janice McNair Endowed Chair
Baylor College of Medicine

Bob McNair was someone who we all aspired to as a leader of the community, astute businessman, loving husband, father, and grandfather, and pillar of support to the Houston scientific and medical community.  We at Baylor College of Medicine and the Department of Molecular and Human Genetics will miss a great man and friend.  His legacy will live on to inspire many generations of Houstonians.

Megan Scharner, McNair Scholar
University of South Carolina

As a McNair Scholar at the University of South Carolina, I am no stranger to Mr. McNair’s generosity and dedication to education. One million “thank you’s” will never be enough to express my gratitude to the McNair family and their investment in me and my education—it has offered me a world so rich in opportunity and knowledge. At USC, Mr. McNair will always be remembered as a man with steadfast dedication to his alma mater and those it serves, as well as the greater community. My condolences and warm thoughts are with Mrs. McNair and the rest of the McNair family. May we all continue Mr. McNair’s legacy by keeping ever at heart faith, family, education, and equal opportunity for all.

Amy Pohodich, Ph.D., MD/PhD McNair Scholar
Baylor College of Medicine

Bob and Janice McNair have been such kind and generous supporters of my education. Their investment in medical education and research at Baylor College of Medicine has been instrumental in my career and the careers of so many current and future physicians and scientists. My deepest condolences to the McNair family for their loss. I hope the care and love of those around them provide peace and comfort through the days ahead.

Jay P. Reddy, MD, PhD, McNair Scholar
Baylor College of Medicine

I was deeply saddened to hear the news at the passing of Bob McNair. He was an incredibly generous man. Going to a Texans home game as a medical student with a special pre-game visit on the field remains one of the highlights of my life. More importantly, Bob McNair was instrumental in fostering my training and development as a physician and scientist. I certainly would not be where I am today without his support. He always was quick to provide a friendly ear and encouragement during our annual lunches when I would describe my research progress and professional goals to him. I take great pride in having been a McNair scholar and sincerely thank him for his support.

Sehba Ali, CEO
KIPP Texas Public Schools

We are deeply saddened by the passing of Mr. McNair.  Our thoughts and prayers are with his entire family.  Bob and Janice have stood by our KIPPsters since 2001 when we only had 300 students in Houston.  Thanks to their incredible and longstanding support, we now educate nearly 16,000 students that come from educationally underserved communities.  We are eternally grateful for the immense impact they have had on our students and their families.  Our city is a better place because of the profound commitment of the family to building a better tomorrow for the children of Houston.

Sharon E. Plon, MD, PhD
Baylor College of Medicine

I was fortunate to be in the leadership – first as co-director – of the Medical Scientist Training Program at Baylor College of Medicine when the Bob and Janice McNair Foundation first made a commitment to supporting our students. Their gift demonstrated such foresight and faith in the future to invest in students with great potential but only a year or two out of college. The support by the McNair Foundation has allowed our students and our program to thrive. Many MD/PhD Scholars have been launched and are now at the phase of developing their own research laboratories. I looked forward to our annual meeting with members of the the McNair family and the MD/PhD student scholars. The students always greatly benefited from getting to talk to Mr. McNair and hearing his perspective on how to be successful in their careers and life.

I want to express my condolences to the whole McNair family. I have always admired the love and respect that you show each and support during times of illness.  I hope that your many happy memories will help to warm your hearts during this sad time.

Morgan Furore, Senior Development Associate
Intercollegiate Studies Institute

Mr. McNair was a great man and a great American.  He believed in young people, and provided them with remarkable opportunities to learn the principles of economics and entrepreneurship so that they could flourish in today’s business environment.  He also taught them by his own example the importance of personal responsibility and character.  Mr. McNair’s generosity has shaped a new generation of entrepreneurs who will ensure that America’s best days are still ahead of us.  As Mr. Strake once told me, “You won’t meet a better man than Bob McNair.”

ISI extends our prayers and deepest sympathies to Mrs. McNair, the McNair family, and the McNair Foundation at this time.

Anita Carman, Founder and President
Inspire Women

I was saddened to hear of the passing of Bob McNair who left our world for God’s eternal kingdom at the age of 81. I immediately felt his loss deeply knowing that earth had lost a true saint. He believed in our ministry from the first day we began and at a time when we launched with trembling and needed a gentle giant to walk beside us. For 18 years, the Robert and Janice McNair Foundation walked steadfastly with Inspire Women and supported the potential of women for missions and ministry. There are very few people in this world who have staying power and the integrity to stick with their values and mission till their last breath on earth.

When I ponder the faithfulness of a generation that is being called home, I am saddened but also grateful God put role models of servant leadership in our lives. They are first to ask “What can I do to encourage you?” Their humility brings me to tears and inspires me to greater service. They showed me that when they had a choice, they chose to use their power to be kind. They chose to use their influence for a cause bigger than themselves. They sprinkled encouragement on all who were blessed to cross their path. Even in his final months while I was unaware of the details of his health I witnessed Bob McNair offering to participate personally at an Inspire Women event. His last acts of kindness moves me. He teaches me what it means to finish well.

Thank you Bob McNair and to all your family members who serve as walking billboards of God’s grace and kindness in our community! Your love lives on in the fingerprints you left on our hearts that reflected the heart of our Heavenly Father. You will forever be part of foundation and future!

Phil Rogers, Principal
R-S Central High School

R-S Central High School students and staff send their heartfelt condolences to the McNair family.  We, as well as this community, have been forever impacted by his vision of helping others find success regardless of their starting point.  We appreciate his passion for the students of our schools that was always grounded in his intense passion for learning.  It was his drive to learn that has shaped countless future generations.  His dedication for removing barriers leveled the playing field and opened doors for students that may have otherwise fallen short of their dreams.  Robert McNair was a great man who set an example for us all.  His memory is a testament to all that is noble and kind. His is the tale of a spirited crusade marked by hard work and dedication, rooted in the ambition to leave our corner of the world better than it was found. His absence will be deeply felt, but we can find comfort in knowing his legacy of giving will not end.

Coach Roy Young, Founder and Chairman
Pro-vision, Inc.

I am sure by now you have been inundated with comforting words and condolences, because the gentleman you worked for and knew so well was a platinum human being in every sense of the word. And so I hope that this note either finds you in good spirits or helps lift your spirit. Like many, it has taken me a while for that reality to settle in. But those of us who remain here on Earth are selfish in that regard.

I once read somewhere that the ultimate test of a person’s character may be in his or her willingness to sacrifice something today for future generations whose words of thanks they may never hear. All of us one day will experience the final beat of our heart. Our lungs will breathe their final breath. The hope is, that along the way they helped others believe deeper in something that’s larger than themselves and as a result their essence, their spirit, will be immortalized larger than life by the storytelling — by loyalty, by the memory of those who honor them, and make the work that that person did, live forever.

I truly believe this defines who Mr. McNair was. On behalf of the Pro-Vision family, we honor him and we pray that the Creator will comfort all those who are profoundly affected by his absence.

Amanda Koire, McNair MD/PhD Scholar
Baylor College of Medicine

Bob McNair’s generosity in supporting research at Baylor College of Medicine, and his support of MD/PhD scholars, has made a huge difference in so many lives and has provided support and encouragement to those just starting out in their careers in science. I am proud to be a McNair scholar and hope honor his memory through my contributions to research.

Ashley Griffith, McNair Scholar
University of South Carolina

Bob and Janice McNair have changed countless lives with their generosity and kindness – enabling young people across the country to pursue their goals and dreams. I certainly credit the McNairs for allowing me to pursue an education at the University of South Carolina, an opportunity I would not have had without their generosity. As I continue to work toward my life/career goals, I will remember the man who was a catalyst to my pursuits. My thoughts are with Janice, his family, friends, and all the lives he touched during this difficult time. He has certainly left a legacy and will not soon be forgotten.

Hsiao-Tuan Chao, MD/PhD McNair Scholar
Baylor College of Medicine and Texas Children’s Hospital

Bob McNair touched and shaped the lives of so many through his compassionate heart, zest for life, and his vision for a better world. As a former MD PhD McNair Scholar (graduated 2012) at Baylor College of Medicine, who I am today and who I will be tomorrow was forever shaped by the generosity and mentorship of Bob and Janice. I treasure the memories of sharing our discoveries and adventures as young physician-scientists in training with them. Their inspiration will always remain my guiding light as I continue to provide care to children with neurological disorders, conduct research to improve their lives, and train the next generation of physicians and physician-scientists. The lives that Bob touched and inspired is simply uncountable and his impact is everlasting.

Bill and Mary Jo Robbins
The Robbins Foundation

Bob McNair has had a tremendous impact on the Houston community and the State of Texas and he will be missed. Houston is a better place to live, work and visit because of his devotion and dedication to our City. Through his support of the arts, science, medicine, education, Christian Institutions and many other endeavors, the lives of innumerable people and their families have been changed and in doing so provided for a better way of life and future. Our prayers, thoughts and condolences to Janice and the McNair family.

Azma Aslam
University of St. Thomas

It is really sad to hear about Mr. McNair and my deepest condolence goes to the McNair family. As a graduate student at University of St. Thomas, the McNair foundation has provided me with an incredible opportunity to pursue my American dream, gain my MBA and start up my own consultancy. I will always be grateful for his support and generous contribution towards my future. Thank you!!

American Cancer Society

We are deeply saddened to hear of the passing of our dear friend and champion Bob McNair. His leadership and philanthropic efforts made Houston a better place for so many, and he will be terribly missed. Mr. McNair was passionate about providing cancer patients, caregivers, and survivors the environment and support they need to recover and thrive. He and his beloved wife Janice believed in this so strongly that they led our city’s Hope Lodge capital campaign to build and provide free lodging for cancer patients who must travel here for treatment. Mr. McNair’s generous, hopeful and kind spirit both on and off the field leaves a lasting legacy through Hope Lodge, and will benefit thousands of cancer patients and families for years to come. We are forever grateful. We extend our sincere condolences to Janice, Cary, Cal, Ruth, Melissa and the entire McNair family.

Corinne Baulcomb, McNair Scholar
University of South Carolina

It was with great sadness that I read about the passing of Mr. McNair. The scholarship that he and Mrs. McNair funded at the University of South Carolina has played an enormous role in my life. I went to the University of South Carolina almost exclusively because of the generosity of this scholarship, and I received a wonderful and challenging education while I was there. The impact of the McNair scholarship was more than that, however. By enabling me to attend university debt free, it gave me enormous academic freedom I would not otherwise have had, which in turn made it possible to me to pursue various experiences that ultimately led to me completing a master’s degree at the University of Edinburgh (a program of which I am now the Program Director). I hope through my teaching to positively impact the lives of students who come to the University, and in a nontrivial way, any impact I can make in my role is an extension of the impact that the generosity that Mr. and Mrs. McNair showed to me through the funding of their scholarship. Thank you for everything you’ve done with the scholarship program, and please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you in this difficult time.

Jacque Riley, McNair Scholar

Bob McNair changed my life with the McNair scholarship. Following a family rift, this gift enabled me to stay in school and pursue my goals, which have included adventures ranging from entrepreneurship to further education with an MBA to launching a brand internationally for a FTSE 100 company. I am so, so grateful and humbled to have received the gift of an education and the special supports and friendships fostered by the McNair scholarship program and McNair Foundation. Thank you Bob — you are always in my heart.

Nicole Rheinlander, McNair Scholar
University of South Carolina

I will never forget the day I received the call from Dr. Pastides, that I had received a McNair scholarship to attend the University of South Carolina. It was because of the generosity of the McNair family that I was able to attend the University of South Carolina as an out-of-state student, where I was fortunate to receive a great education which also led to incredible opportunities later in my career. He will forever be remembered as playing a significant role in my, as well as so many other students’, successes.

Benedict G. Ecolango
Texas Children’s Hospital

Your generosity has made Houston a better place. Thank you. Your family is in our prayers.

Krista Defalco, Director, Administrative Operations, MD/PhD Program
Baylor College of Medicine

The McNairs are truly one of Houston’s greatest treasures and blessings. Bob McNair was simply one-of-a-kind and alongside Janice, their goodness poured out in abundance that would reciprocate gratitude for their support and admiration for them living such honorable lives.

In the summer of 1999, I began my first professional job at the Greater Houston Partnership which I helped plan the event at Four Seasons for the official announcement that Houston was awarded a new NFL team. Twelve years later that exact month in October 2011, I was walking Bob to his first scientific poster session with my MD/PhD students who were also McNair MD/PhD Scholars. After I described how poster sessions worked in the scientific community, I quickly told him about my involvement with the 1999 event and how I cherished my “NFL ’02” baseball cap which produced a nostalgic smile from Bob as it seems he had forgotten about that hat with him commenting in awe how quickly time had passed. Once we made it to the McNair MD/PhD scholars, Bob took great interest in their projects by focusing completely on them and engaging with thoughtful questions. It was that day that I realized Bob was so much more than the Houston Texans, he genuinely believed in developing people by giving them invaluable opportunities to become their very best.

As a Native Houstonian, I am forever grateful for Bob McNair being a true champion for my city and for making it a better place for all Houstonians. As for BCM MD/PhD program, I am even more grateful for the 20 years of support from Bob and Janice as they not only positively impacted the McNair MD/PhD Scholars careers, but also positively impacted those lives of patients who have been cared for by those scholars as well as helped further biomedical research by bringing it one step closer to identifying answers, improving treatments and finding cures.

Thank you to the McNair family for sharing Bob with us and so many others as we are forever appreciative for that gift.

To Bob, thank you from the bottom of my heart and I hope that we continue to make you proud as you watch over us from Heaven above.

Huda Y. Zoghbi, MD, Professor
Baylor College of Medicine

Bob McNair’s passion for Houston, for education, and for helping people is inspiring. I am so grateful for all that he did for our city, for my institution, and for advancing biomedical research. We will miss him deeply but he will live on through the many lives he touched and through all the brilliant McNair Scholars that he has supported. Janice you are a dear friend and our thoughts and prayers are with you and with your precious family.

Liubin Yang MD, PhD, McNair Scholar
Baylor College of Medicine

Mr. Bob McNair was so generous to support each one of us as McNair scholars and I am always proud to tell everyone that I was a McNair Scholar. I will always remember his smile and his taking the time to meet us and to listen and ask questions about our progress every year. Being a McNair scholar allowed me to join my first choice lab which was very competitive and thus, equipped me with the best tools in genetics to pursue my dream. Mr. McNair would also offer his Opera tickets for us to attend which was so kind of him given that we would rarely, if never, budget for it on our student stipends. Thank you Mr. McNair for supporting me as a McNair MD/PhD student scholar throughout the years! My thoughts and prayers are with your family.

Aislyn Nelson, MD, PhD, McNair Scholar
Baylor College of Medicine

Mr. McNair was such a wonderful human being. I was lucky to be awarded one of the McNair scholarships as a MD, PhD at Baylor College of Medicine. This scholarship program has benefited so many medical students like myself and has allowed me to pursue my goals as a clinician. The McNairs would have an annual lunch with us and it was always so special and impressive that they were truly interested not only it our science but also in our lives. He will be greatly missed.

Mark A. Wallace, President and CEO
Texas Children’s Hospital

I was always proud to call Bob McNair a friend, and I honor him as a very special part of the Texas Children’s Hospital family. We are honored to be the beneficiary of the generosity and foresight of a great man, whose spirit and incredible legacy will continue to make a difference in the lives of the patients and families we serve for generations to come. May he rest in peace.

Maria Bettini, PhD and Matthew Bettini, PhD, McNair Scholars
Texas Children’s Hospital

The incredible support we have received as McNair Scholars at Texas Children’s Hospital has made a profound impact on our careers. Because of Bob’s and Janice’s generous support and unwavering confidence in us, we truly are living our dream – making contributions to the understanding of diabetes and helping create better, healthier lives for patients in our own community and around the world. Our gratitude knows no bounds.

Tim Barnhill, McNair Scholar
University of South Carolina

The generosity of Bob McNair has had a significant impact on my life. As an undergraduate at the University of South Carolina, I was privileged to be named a McNair Scholar and directly benefit from his incredible gift to USC. Today I am pursuing my MBA at Rice University, where I walk the halls of McNair Hall every day. He was one of the most generous and inspirational people I have ever had the pleasure to meet. My thoughts and prayers go to the McNair Family and all those close to him.

Rachel Beanland, McNair Scholar
University of South Carolina

I was saddened to hear about the passing of Bob McNair. I am a 2003 graduate of the University of South Carolina, and I was and am proud to call myself a McNair Scholar. The scholarship, which was generously funded by Mr. and Mrs. McNair, was game-changing for me. Not only did it lead me to USC and the Honors College but it also led me to incredible faculty who served as my mentors, amazing friends who I’ll cherish for life and a rewarding career in the arts. One day I hope to make as big a difference in one person’s life as Mr. McNair made in mine.

Peter WT Pisters, M.D., President
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

I join in the grief and fond remembrances of so many throughout our community who admired and appreciated Mr. McNair’s leadership, generosity and vision for a truly greater Houston and, above all, for a greater world. To say that he left an indelible mark on this region and on all who call it home is an understatement. His accomplishments in life will be experienced, celebrated and honored for generations and beyond. We are dedicated to building a caring environment where creativity is embraced and new knowledge is sought daily. These are values Bob held in common, and it is within this spirit that we honor the legacy and example he set forth to act in service of others.

Brett Williams, McNair Scholar
University of South Carolina

Thanks to Mr. McNair, I was able to enjoy the transformational educational experience provided by the Honors College at the University of South Carolina and grow personally and professionally through a host of unique opportunities. His generosity continues to influence me profoundly to this day, as I am now pursuing my lifelong dream of a career in sports broadcasting. This field presents significant financial challenges to those entering, and I simply wouldn’t be able to wholly invest in it without the assistance I received from Mr. and Mrs. McNair throughout my college years. So I can hardly begin to thank them for that. But Mr. McNair’s altruism was matched by the integrity with which he lived and the values for which he stood. He consistently and fervently instilled in all McNair Scholars the vocation to “pay it forward”–to use our gifts and talents for the benefit of others and to sustain his spirit of philanthropy. This is a responsibility I do not and will not take lightly. Mr. McNair’s legacy will live on with all those whose lives he touched. My prayers are with Mrs. McNair, the entire McNair family, and everyone at the McNair Foundation. May God rest his soul.Thank you for your time and for all you and your colleagues do to provide people like me life-changing opportunities. I will be forever grateful to the McNairs for their generosity and their impact on my life.

Vincent Wang, McNair MD/PhD Scholar
Baylor College of Medicine

Thank you for your support to the research community. Your kindness and generosity will be remembered by all of us. I am especially grateful that you took the time to meet with us every year to learn about us.

Hillsdale College

[Hillsdale College] sends its condolences to the family and Foundation. Mr. McNair stood for what is good in our country and the McNair’s philanthropy in education is a testament to their belief in helping people to empower themselves capable of self governance.